Timber Cladding - Why It's More Popular Than Ever!

Timber cladding is like an external skin for the house that protects it from weather conditions and bugs and reduces the need for renovation.

This is why developers, architects, and local authorities are suggesting timber cladding more than ever.

Across domestic and commercial setting, timber cladding is reviving the look of buildings small and large, and timber’s natural beauty as cladding material is amongst its numerous advantages.

To throw light on why timber as external cladding material is gaining reputation for being durable, ecological, and most attractive option here is a list of its benefits.

Its Natural Look

Timber cladding forms a natural, beautiful effect that is becoming increasingly popular on apartment blocks, domestic properties, and commercial buildings.

You can see entire houses being clad in timber material to create lodge-style and chalet effects, and part or half-clad properties are utilising timber to offer visual contrast to areas of composite, render, and brick cladding.
The possibility of matching timber cladding’s aesthetic effect with decking is one of the reasons why timber is gaining popularity as a cladding solution for commercial properties and domestic houses where there is requirement of outdoor leisure space.

Thermally treated timber is specifically effective as cladding solution and matching the colour and material of timber can provide the property a larger sense of cohesion.

Timber, in rural areas, is proving to be useful solution when choosing cladding that will match existing features of natural as well as built environment, and minimise visual disruption caused by the new buildings.

Its Durable

Timber is an extremely strong material and also has natural defences are resist weathering, corrosion, and pollution. You will see numerous commercial buildings and houses around you that are over hundred years old, and some are even centuries old.

Nowadays, you will easily find thermally treated timber which is more durable and table. Chemically treated timber, on the other hand, are weaker because the chemical used to treat them is capable of rotting them over time.

Timber is naturally resistant to damage caused by weather, which makes it a sturdy yet lightweight material. If you use varnish or primer on top of the cladding, its life extends for several more years. Currently, most of the timber that is selling is pre-treated, which means it would bear harsh weather conditions and dust easily.

Timber cladding is also easier to repair. If any board has small holes, you can use putty to fill them. You can also replace the damaged wooden boards if they cannot be repaired. And every time you replace a board, you do not have to worry about it matching with the cladding because it can be stained and painted according to other boards.

Beneficial To Environment

The environmental benefits of using timber as a cladding solution add to its popularity. Thermally treated timber replaces use of chemicals with the heat to modify cell structure and make it more resistant to rotting.

Due to the absence of chemicals in the production process, thermally treated cladding is completely environmentally safe. The competitors of timber cladding material are usually treated using harsh chemicals.

Additionally, timber cladding is entirely recyclable and can prove to be invaluable to those builders who wish to exercise carbon neutrality. It is a great option if your project requires temporary cladding as it can be demounted and then reused later.

Also, some varieties of tress grow fairly quickly, which makes wood a sustainable option and many sellers pledge to plant the trees in place of the ones they cut. Wood also takes less energy to manufacture as compared to other options.
Lastly, even if timber cladding goes to a landfill in the end, it will decay without causing any harm to the planet. So, you end up leaving fewer carbon prints if you choose timber cladding.

It Offers Protection & Insulation

Cladding is like an extra layer of the building. So, it definitely adds another layer of protection to your property. Cladding not only helps increase a building’s mechanical sturdiness but also offers maximum protection.

Moreover, modern timber cladding is known to not crack despite adverse weather conditions because they are treated to resist rain and bug infestation.

Timber cladding is known for its insulation property. It is great for keeping the building warm in winters and cool in summers. This way, in either of the seasons, you can save on heating and air-conditioning bills.

Another added benefit is that it also minimises noise pollution from outdoors. The inside of a timber cladded house is peaceful, warm, and cosy.

It Comes In A Large Variety

If you want a natural looking exterior of your property, timber cladding can be your choice. The best part is that you can choose from a wide array of colours, hues, board types, and texture.

Whether you want an elegant beige exterior or classy black cladding, timber offers you various types. If your house gives a vintage feel, there are ample choices for that.

Even if the theme of your house if modern and futuristic, you will find suitable timber cladding options for that as well.
Moreover, even if you have selected and got a particular timber cladding done, you can change it easily whenever you like just by painting, varnishing, or staining it. This will also add extra protection to your building’s exterior.


Due to the numerous benefits, timber cladding will be a popular choice even in future years as it has been from certain centuries.

Timber cladding is appealing to look at, can be repainted easily to change the exteriors, adds a natural feel to the building’s exterior and is completely environmentally friendly.

Timber is a strong, lightweight, and weather-resistant material as well. Moreover, this type of cladding does not cost a lot. You can choose from a variety or hues and textures to make your commercial or residential building appear unique.

So, if you are considering cladding, there are multiple reasons to choose timber cladding. Click here for more information on timber siding & timber weatherboard.