Raised Access Flooring is the ideal solution for floors covering installations which need frequent access for modifications and verifications, in areas such as data-centres, hospitals, offices, hotels, exhibitions and conference halls.

These types of buildings generally require numerous electrical installations, air conditioning, data-transfer and audio-visual installations where maintenance need to be very frequent and due to continuous technological advances, may need updating frequently.

Raised Access Flooring is a construction system which consists of a panel platform that is elevated on height adjustable pedestals creating a void air chamber which can be used to house numerous technical structures, permitting rapid access and alterations to the technical structures installed.

Raised flooring is made up of the following components.




Suitable for all types of Commercial Buildings, Financial, Insurance Offices, Government & Public Buildings, Industrial Administration Buildings, Hotels, Data Centres and Call-Centres, Distribution Centres, Universities, Libraries, and other Educational facilities, Schools & Hospitals.

• Upper covering – Porcelain, Engineered Hardwood
• Core HDP, HD Gypsum, Stone or Metal
• Lower covering
• Edge trim
• Metallic structure, Stringers & Pedestals


• Improves the appearance and organisation of spaces by hiding installations below the flooring.
• Creates a space for storing different technical installations, which facilitates maintenance and enables changes to be made without the need for any construction work.
• Improved thermal and acoustic insulation of the building by creating an air space within the floor.
• Adaptable and versatile system in case of changes in the use of the building.
• A renovation option for historic buildings, allowing them to be adapted to modern living requirements (water pipes, electrical installations, etc.).
• All its components offer high mechanical resistance and excellent reaction to fire.
• Thanks to very low dimensional tolerances, it is very easy to replace panels.
• Wide range of designs & finishes – all our commercial flooring products can be supplied as a Raised Access Floor Solution.


Raised access floor system for Outdoor Spaces create a false floor on top of an existing one by establishing a space which can house various installations and facilitates water drainage.
Suitable for Terraces, Balconies, Car parks, Swimming pools, Beachfront premises, Parks and Gardens.
Raised flooring is made up of the following components.

• Panels
• Plastic Adjustable Pedestals


• Easy removal and access to the interior for maintenance purposes.
• Improved sound insulation.
• Improved water drainage, facilitates discharge of water.
• Correction of uneven outdoor surfaces.
• Wide range of designs & finishes – See our Outdoor Spaces section for available ranges.

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