Double Tree Hilton – North Queensferry


Extending the existing Hotel before full refurbishment and rebranding, the design team were looking for a lightweight masonry panel that can be easily installed, yet still deliver that monolithic large format stone effect. Due to its location, directly between the two Forth Road bridges, the materials had to be robust and hardwearing to with stand the weather conditions in the Forth Valley.

ClientNorr ConsultantsServicesCembrit Patina Sand (P545) Cladding Panels


Cembrit Patina fibre cement cladding Sand Panels are an Euro class A Fire rated, through coloured fibre cement board with a directional grain. Cembrit Patina weathers in a way that is similar to natural mineral cladding material, acquiring a patina that enhances the natural variation in the sheets. Lightweight and Weatherproof, made Cembrit patina fibre cement cladding the obvious choice.