Aberdeen International Business Park


To supply a long lasting, maintenance free, lightweight and easy to install alternative to the local natural granite, to form columns and beams as part of the Curtain Wall Systems.

ClientKeppie DesignServicesCAREA Acantha Cladding SystemYear2013Linkdalply.co.uk


Designed by Keppie Design and built by Bowmer Kirkland, the 40 acre development is located close to Aberdeen International Airport on one of the city´s most prominent sites. A contemporary steel framed building with precast floors and staircases, it is clad in curtain wall and a combination of rainscreen and composite cladding systems. Appointed to install the complete building envelope, specialist contractors Charles Henshaw and Keyclad worked together to deliver a visually stunning, thermally efficient and high quality façade. For a rainscreen cladding system that would provide an elegant and stylish contrast to the highly decorative glass frontage – Carea´s Acantha fitted the bill perfectly.

Each panel was installed using innovative grooves at the top and bottom edges to create a seamless finish, before the panels were integrated into the glazed curtain wall facade. As well as an efficient secret fix installation process, Carea panels provide several performance benefits when used in conjunction with high quality insulation. Carea panels can be quickly installed to minimise labour costs and are also exceptionally low maintenance. Highly resistant to the climate, they can be easily cleaned to extend their life cycle even further. Their non-porous composition also ensures that they are unaffected by graffiti, again making them ideal for buildings with public access such as education facilities, retail outlets and office buildings. With Aberdeen International Business Park the latest addition to a growing portfolio of projects, Carea has once again proven its ability to provide high performance cladding systems for the most prestigious and challenging developments.