Fibre Cement Cladding - Ranges Available

Picking the right type of fibre cement cladding for your building involves a plethora of different considerations. With three main fibre cement types available, you will want to choose something that looks good and suits your budget.

In this post, we will talk about the latest additions to the fibre cement types and discuss each type individually.

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Patina Original

Patina Original is one of the latest kinds of fibre cement manufactured keeping in mind the growing need for innovative designs in the world of house remodelling. With more and more homeowners turning towards fibre cement for both exterior and interior construction works, the demand for such innovations has risen. Patina Original is a through-coloured, A-rated, fibre cement cladding that boasts a directional grain and is available in a plethora of pastel shades. Unlike your regular fibre cement board, the Patina Original has fine polished lines on the surface. While it looks standard, it is much more than original. This fibre cement board is the choice of many homeowners who are looking to give a contemporary look to their homes.

Everything you need to know about Patina Original
Patina Original fibre cement boards come in timeless colours. The boards are designed to evolve and change the expression of the buildings and structures. One of the biggest aspects of the Patina Original fibre cement boards is that they form a layer of sheen or gloss over the surface, patinating beautifully over time. This not only adds aesthetics to the building but also add some unique and subtle variations on the cladding surface.

The Patina Original is a combination of high-performance cladding with a modern and versatile look.

What are the attributes of Patina Original?
• Virtually maintenance-free
• Over time, it attains patination, which improves the individual expression of your house
• Fine sanding lines on the surface
• Authentic and natural look

Salient Features of Patina Original

Patina Original is fire and heat resistant, meaning your house or building is safe during any fire hazard.

#No need for Edge Sealing
Since Patina Original boasts an autoclaved cladding cut edges, they don’t need to be sealed. This saves up on the installation time.

#Available in Different Variations
Each board comes in different shade and variations that when put together creates a unique façade that looks more natural than coated materials.

The Patina Original fibre cement boards are hydrophobated. Meaning, they form a layer of safety that prevents water and dirt from sticking to the surface. This keeps the cladding surface fresh as new for years.

Patina Original offers a natural alternative to wood and vinyl cladding. They are light in weight and easy to maintain.

fibre cement cladding original

Patina Rough

Patina Rough is the best fibre cement cladding solution for all those homeowners who are trying to get a natural stone finish but at a reduced cost. It offers a coarse natural stone look that gives your house a rustic appearance. If you have a house that has an old structure, going with Patina Rough will give the exterior a more pleasant and authentic look. It is available in different colour options and shades as well.

Everything you need to know about Patina Rough

Patina Rough is a rustic fibre cement type that has a tough and textured surface. A steady core of high-quality fibre cement supports the board. The textured look is attained by sand-blasting the surface that gives it’s a rugged texture. Patina Rough has the perfect stone finish that can make any building come alive.

One of the greatest things about Patina Rough is that you can see subtle variations in the texture and colour of the board that adds character. Each board is created to be unique that has calm expression. In most cases, Patina Rough is combined with Patina Original to give their buildings a unique look and enhance specific areas of the house.

The Patina Rough fibre cement board is treated with a non-visible surface treatment that gives the board high resistance towards dirt and moisture. It is one-of-a-kind fibre cement board that is designed in such a way that they can be installed without any special tools – even DIYers can do it.

What are the attributes of Patina Rough?
• Multiple design options
• Eroded, textured surface giving a natural stone-like finish
• Looks natural and authentic

Salient Features of Patina Rough

#Velvety Textured
Patina Rough fibre cement board has a genuine homogenous structure with natural stone effect surface.
Patina Rough is fire and heat resistant. It offers proper insulation and cut the energy cost as well.

#No Edge Sealing Required
Patina Rough has autoclaved cladding cut edges that make it easier to install.

#Variation from Board to Board
Unlike your traditional fibre cement cladding boards, the Patina Rough boards vary in texture and shade from board to board. This creates a unique façade.

Patina Rough fibre cement boards are one of a kind that gives a rick look to the structure.

fibre cement cladding rough

Patina Inline

Patina Inline fibre cement cladding is known for its play of shades between low and high of the board. As the name suggests, Patina Inline fibre cement cladding boards boast horizontal lining. Thus, the design gets even more interesting when the boards are installed vertically and horizontally as per required. The inline fibre cement boards are available in different colour variants and you can choose the texture and shade that suits your building.

Everything you need to know about Patina Inline

Patina Inline fibre cement board is known for its strength and durability. The board features milled linear groves passing horizontally, giving it a 3D effect. The board is designed in such a manner that when the features lines combine with the viewing angle and natural light, it gives a unique look to the building that changes throughout the day. These fibre cement boards add character and depth to your house.

What are the attributes of Patina Inline?
• The boards can be customized into triangular or squared patterns
• The linear texture provides buildings with a 3D effect

Salient Features of Patina Inline

Patina Inline fibre cement cladding boards patinate with time, giving the building a natural, rustic sheen and glow.

#3D Textured Lines
The linear structure of this fibre cement cladding gives the building an interesting look while maintaining the modernity of the structure.

Patina Inline fibre cement boards are non-combustible in nature that prevents heat from trapping inside, keeping the interior cool during hot summer days.

More Information on Fibre Cement Cladding

These are the three new additions to the fibre cement types. There are plenty more types available and you can stick to your preferred options.

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