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GRC cladding for your commercial project

Are you an architect, quantity surveyor, or construction professional looking for GRC cladding to be used on your commercial building project?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are just some examples of commercial building types that we have worked on in the past that used GRC cladding, and would be perfect for GRC cladding commercial building projects throughout the UK:

Shopping centres / Restaurants / Office buildings / Schools / Shop fronts / Visitor centres / Police stations / Public buildings

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Why GRC Cladding for your commercial project

GRC cladding stands as a superior choice for commercial developments across the UK, combining resilience with lightweight properties. This material, a blend of glass fibre and concrete, is exceptionally suited to the UK’s varied climate, offering robustness against its weather extremes.

With a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and the capability for large formats, GRC is not only versatile but also environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. It demands minimal upkeep and boasts the highest fire resistance rating (Euro class A1), enhancing building safety.

The innovative production technique of GRC, makes GRC significantly lighter than traditional precast concrete while maintaining strength, as evidenced by its CWCT & BBA certifications.

For architects, project managers, and quantity surveyors, GRC cladding offers a practical yet aesthetically flexible solution, facilitating design freedom without compromising on safety or sustainability.

Sustainable & Certified

Fire Rated A1

Lightweight & Strong

Low Maintenance


Why GRC cladding for commercial projects

Design Flexibility – GRC stands out as the premier option for architects and construction specialists alike, offering an optimal blend of creativity and durability for commercial projects.

The panels empower designers to realise their visionary designs without compromising on durability, making the decision to opt for GRC a straightforward one for your structures. Available in twelve timeless colours, each panel can be finished with one of three textures: Sandblasted, Light Sandblasted, or Matt.

Installed as a ventilated facade, GRC panels come with a variety of fixing options, ensuring a versatile application. Fundamentally, GRC panels provide a robust concrete facade endowed with top-tier fire protection and enduring resilience.

Key Advantages Include: A1 Fire Rating – Non-Combustible, Suitable for Use Above 18m / Superior Performance / Unique Aesthetic / Genuine Concrete Appearance / Flexible – Multiple Fixing Options / Assured Quality / Pliability / Lightweight – Significantly Lighter Than Precast Concrete / Sustained Stability

Key benefits of GRC cladding

GRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete) cladding presents a host of distinct advantages over traditional cladding options, making it a prime choice for commercial projects. Highlighted below are three principal benefits of GRC cladding:

Lightness and Strength: By integrating the robustness of concrete with the flexibility of glass fibres, GRC cladding offers a solution that is both light and enduring. Typically, GRC panels are slimmer and lighter than their conventional concrete counterparts, facilitating easier manipulation, transportation, and installation. This reduction in weight lessens the structural burden on buildings, rendering GRC an excellent choice for new builds as well as renovation endeavours.

Architectural Versatility: The malleability of GRC cladding unlocks unparalleled design freedom. It can be shaped into diverse forms, dimensions, and textures, empowering architects and designers to craft detailed, curved, and intricate structures otherwise difficult with alternative materials. GRC can mimic the look of natural stone, timber, and more, offering a broad spectrum of design possibilities for exteriors. Furthermore, it allows for the inclusion of bespoke patterns, embossments, and ornamental features, providing limitless creative scope for architectural innovation.

Durability and Weatherproofing: GRC cladding is characterised by its outstanding resistance to the elements and enduring lifespan. The incorporation of glass fibres strengthens the concrete, diminishing the likelihood of cracking and enabling the cladding to endure severe weather conditions, such as temperature variations, UV exposure, wind, and precipitation. Additionally, its resistance to corrosion, decay, and pests enhances its longevity. With correct installation and upkeep, GRC cladding can preserve its aesthetic appeal and structural soundness for many years, minimising the frequency of repair or replacement.

GRC cladding
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Sizing & finishes

GRC Panels come in 3 standard stand sizes: 3600 x 1200mm / 3100 x 1200mm / 2500 x 1200mmAll 13mm thick. They can easily be cut to suit any panel layout.

Colour Collection Greyscale

Matt - FI01 | Ferro Light - FI02 | Ferro - FI03

Colour Collection Bricky

Matt - FI01 | Ferro Light - FI02 | Ferro - FI03

Colour Collection Stone

Matt - FI01 | Ferro Light - FI02 | Ferro - FI03

Colour Collection Timber

Matt - FI01 | Ferro Light - FI02 | Ferro - FI03

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