5 Great Examples of Fibre Cement Cladding

As more and more homeowners are adapting to the latest building techniques and products in combination with durability, affordability, and style, fibre cement cladding has risen above its peers.
While the product has been around the 1970s, with the increase in modern manufacturing methods, it has led to the increased demand, availability, and style choices to the homeowners. Today, the majority of the modern architecture boasts fibre cement cladding and has a massive appeal not only to the homeowners but also to commercial construction projects as well.
Yes, the builders and contractors are now using fibre cement cladding in almost every of their residential as well as commercial projects.

There are plenty of reasons why fibre cement cladding is so revered across the board. Some of them include:
• They have a long lifespan of over 50+ years, which makes it a more affordable deal
• Fibre cement cladding has versatility in style. From wood to metallic and other realistic options, fibre cement cladding comes in a plethora of design options
• In addition to numerous textures and colours, fibre cement cladding comes with plenty of shapes and installation types
• One of the greatest things about fibre cement cladding is that the material is resistant to heat (fire), water, warping, and rotting
• Fibre cement cladding incorporates immense strength making it suitable for all weather conditions -Making it ideal for the UK climate
• The cladding is made from sustainable materials making it environmentally friendly
• Fibre cement cladding is competitively priced as compared to other cladding materials like vinyl, aluminium, and wood

Now that you know why fibre cement cladding appeals to many, let’s take a look at five great architectural examples where fibre cement cladding is used.

#1 Natura Park

Natura Park is an office commercial building created by architects Tomáš Med, and Jaroslav Krupa a Filip Klozar in the Czech Republic in the year 2015.

The building features a unique design that provides people with a view of treetops along with attractive spatial connections for educational programs and exhibitions. The structure boasts green roofs that care constructed using environmentally friendly materials. But the primary aspect that enhances Natura Park’s beauty is the use of Patina Original cement cladding.

You can see there are different shades of fibre cement cladding used in the building, which gives it a unique look and appearance. As you know that fibre cement cladding is itself environmental-friendly, it increases the overall value of the building.

Patina Original comes in two different shades black and reddish-brown that gives Natura Park’s solid wall system a great look from all the angles.

#2 Community Centre Kalasataman Kortelitalo

Started in the year 2010, the Kalasataman Community Centre is a corporate building in Helsinki, Finland that is being developed for retail and office uses. The project was initiated in two stages with the first phase being completed in 2016.

It is a colourful building designed by architect Arkkitehtitoimisto JKKM and features a reinforced concrete frame. The most distinctive feature of the Community Centre is its external wall. It is created playing with multiple colours, giving the structure a vibrant look.

The heavy roofing boasts wooden construction and it gets its charm and appearance from the Patina Solid fibre cement cladding.

Available in three different shades, the Patina Solid fibre cladding offers the Community Centre with a beautiful look with added protection from fire, heat, rain, and dust.

#3 Falkenborgveien Trondheim Sør

Falkenborgveien Trondheim Sør is an architectural building in Norway. It is a six-storey building that incorporates a basement as well for parking vehicles.

The ground floor incorporates sections like a canteen, meeting rooms, lounge areas, reception, and more. The rest of the floors contain corporate space that includes office spaces, conference rooms, restrooms, and other associated spaces. The basement parking can park up to a maximum of 58 cars. The external of the building is enforced with Patina Transparent fibre cement cladding. Falkenborgveien Trondheim Sør is known for its beautiful exterior.

The Patina Transparent cladding gives the building a distinct look. The building uses different shades of Patina Transparent cladding available in white, black, and bluish-grey.

This building is a great example of how fibre cement cladding can be used not only to improve the overall structure of the building but also to enhance the appearance as well.

#4 Fladstrandsparken

Fladstrandsparken is a symbol of architectural excellence, which is actually a group of 113 homes formed into a township in the district of Frederikshavn.

All the buildings are part of low-energy housing and also consists of 29 homes with service centres as well as institutional housing. The buildings offer prefabricated segments in room-sized elements. There are six different types of residential buildings, all of which are low-energy class. This includes nursing homes, patio homes, long-term houses, and typologies of farmhouses, and more.

The reason why Fladstrandsparken stands out from other residential apartment buildings is that it uses a combination of Patina Original, Solid, and Transparent fibre cement cladding.

This unique combination provides the blocks with a unique touch. Available in different textures and shades, the Patina fibre cement cladding was intentionally used for this project. And you see the result with your own eyes.

#5 Visionshuset

Visionshuset or Vision House is architectural excellence designed and developed using exclusive materials. It boasts a creative and beautiful architecture, designed in ‘H’ shape.

The building is spread across 48,000 m² boasting four floors of living space, corporate and commercial rooms, along with a massive car park of up to 400 vehicles. What makes it distinct is its unique concrete elements coupled with black window lights.

The structure uses Patina Original fibre cladding that gives the building protection as well as a beautiful look. The best part, the building incorporates flexible offices, which can be easily furnished into cubicles, open plans, or even cells offices.

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These are some excellent examples of how modern architecture is accepting fibre cement cladding into their approach.

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